“I’ve been to many chiropractors, as well as different types of massage therapists, and I can honestly say that I have never been to one like Dr. Jesse. He is unique, in my experience, because he uses basic chiropractic treatment/technique and enhances it by addressing the muscles and fascia that connect to the spine. Dr. Jesse’s knowledge of the connecting soft tissue of the human body is phenomenal. I am a ‘mature’ athlete and have chronic back, ankle and knee pain as well as the weekly body aches after my soccer games. He has never failed to find and directly address the pain – no matter where it was. I’ve been seeing Dr. Jesse for two years now and will continue. He gives a whole new meaning to the ‘It hurts so good!’”

– Cheryl

I really look forward to my visits with Dr. Jesse and am grateful that I found him.  Trusting a professional with my spine and neck is not an easy thing for me to do, but with Dr. Jesse I feel absolutely comfortable and confident that I am in good hands.  Treatments make me feel better and I leave feeling happy and relaxed.  I feel like going to Dr. Jesse is helping my body naturally become healthy and strong. As an added bonus, I have asked Dr. Jesse to use his extensive knowledge of the body and muscles to help me relax my facial muscles, and now I’m addicted to his treatments.  People noticed a huge difference in my face – going to Dr. Jesse was better than going to a spa!  My face was relaxed, my eyes were less puffy, my circulation and color in my face looked rosy, and I felt fantastic!  He’s going to be my new secret weapon to keeping a youthful appearance!”

– Sarah Christianson

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